Hontambère, from old Gascon « fountain most fair », refers to the spring that emerges from the most beautifully restored fountain in the middle of the courtyard, which has been producing exceptionally pure water for centuries. Located near Castelnau d’Auzan on a terroir comprised of limestone-clay, loam soil, wild sands and what the locals call boulbène, the Hontambère estate perpetuates values and know-how carried on by iconic producers of the Ténarèze appellation: utmost care is given to the grape wines, a one hundred year old copper for perfect distillation, carefully selected wood for cask ageing, and especially, attention to every detail. It is with this spirit that the Domain perpetuates the tradition of excellence by producing the finest eaux-de-vie.


Of the three Armagnac regions, the Ténarèze offers the most opportunities for complexity and refinement. Long shunned because of the craftsmanship required, modern know-how now gives us with the necessary understanding to master this exuberant soil. The richness it conveys conjures all the potential of four unique grape varieties: Baco, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard: Four inroads to a multitude of experiences and opportunities, with an infinite pallet of aromatic possibilities.


The “Inertis” pneumatic press available to the estate preserves the aromatic quality of each grape variety. Once pressed, the grape juice is fermented under temperature control, complemented by fine lees work. The wine is then kept cold in our temperature-controlled cellar, patiently awaiting distillation.


The Domaine de Hontambère has its own one hundred year old copper. Distilled separately and at a high degree, the eaux-de-vie, thus concentrated, preserves all their aromatic characteristics.


Carefully selected by our cellar master Sylvain, these precious cast-strength elixirs are bottled with care on the domain in order to preserve the spirit of each barrel. No alteration of the colour, no dilution, no additives whatsoever, not even water; no filtration nor reduction. Unbiased, unadulterated, unprecedented. The true nobility of a 700 year old product, made even greater with advanced craftsmanship.

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